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Default photo processing....

is it a normal practice for photogs to process their photos to enhance color, fix flaws, etc with all photos they take? Is this just a matter of preference?

Does anyone just leave their photos they way they were shot? I'm just wondering...... is this how we should make photos stand out or look sharp?

should i start to learn how to do this? ... just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the subject?

just another learning curve for us amateur photogs... ha ha ha
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For the most part, post processing is for tweaking the image to correct minor, possibly percieved, flaws. It can be used to rescue a photo that was shot with the wrong settings. But many if not most people do get along without it, and more probably could.
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For me it's no different than film days...

If you were happy with what you got back from Photomat all well and good... If you
were not then you learned processing and set up your own darkroom...

Post Processing is nothing more than a digital version of a darkroom...

Only this darkroom is on steroids...!

And a LOT more affordable...
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OK. Your camera (jpg output) does pp according to your settings. Some folk set the saturation, contrast, sharpness,aspect ratio and whatever so the output is as they like. But there's a school of thought that leaving the jpg more untouched allows you to fix it better in the future. They take their photos and do the traditional pp. You can batch this so you could do hundreds of photos with a couple of clicks.

Noise reduction is one area where pp is improving as the years go by. Might be a good idea to save jpgs with less fixes so as to enable better NR in the future. Sharpness is another area where pp is important. Your concept of a "good" picture right now may change as you gain more photographic experience.

This is why everyone advocates saving originals and editting copies.
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I shoot in RAW and import images into Lightroom. Every image is viewed for fitness i.t.o. composition and focus. This normally means discarding around 90% or so of images.

Everything that remains is treated to processing. Sometimes settings are applied in batches, sometimes individually.

To suggest (as some do, not in this thread) that there is some sort of purity to be gained from accepting the manufacturers' decisions on how to turn a RAW capture into a jpg seems rather bizarre.

"Developing" your RAW capture into a JPG in camera is very limiting and severely restricts your future options.

To be clear EVERYBODY does SOMETHING to the image RAW capture data. RAW capture data is not viewable or usable by people. That data has to be converted into a more usable format. The cameras will turn the RAW data into a JPG file for you, which is simply abdicating responsibility for colour, exposure, sharpening, etc to the camera makers' software. There is nothing particularly wrong with this, but I'm trying to point out that your question is based on a false premise.
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I also shoot RAW+Sjpeg so process is required. Mostly because a jpeg processed by the cameras processor slows down the cameras FPS and process to jepg after the fact is limited (also shows loss of image qualtiy everytime its edited and saved).
I use the jpeg captures for review purposes in the culling process.
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