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Default Software to size photos for print out not on my printer?

Boy am I having problems.
I want to take advantage of a coupon for free prints (4x6") and have a lot of pictures I want.

Unfortunately, have no program to crop and make them that size. I *used* to have a version of the old Image Expert and it did just that. You could crop and then format into 3x4, 4x6, 5x7, etc. It put a box around the image showing the frame and you could go in a bit, go out, then place the frame, then you had the right size.

But I don't have that now. Have no idea if other programs do that. Yes, I realize some printer software does that, but then it wants to print out on your printer!

Any ideas how I can take a lot of my digital images and size them 4x6 and use my coupon before the holidays? I'd like to send out some photos.

Thank you.
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try picasa3 free, gimp also free. both will re size your pictures
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What format are your pictures in now? If you use a DSLR, the form factor is 3:2, the same as 6x4 (or 4x6). In which case, you need do nothing - the printer software will print to fit. If you are shooting in the 4:3 format, as with most digicams or the 4/3 system, the printer will auto crop to fit, but this will cause the top and bottom to be cut off the photos. If you left enough space around your subjects, this may not be a problem, either. If you do need to do the cropping yourself, there are a number of photo editors such as Irfanview, which I would recommend, for this purpose. (also a free program) brian
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Second for Irfanview.
And it does batch
Ps. do not forget the Plugin package.
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And of course iPhoto if you are using a Mac.

At the higher end Aperture or Lightroom are fantastic for many things, and can also do this. :P
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Picasa 3 allows you to crop to any ratio, but is much easier and more intuitive than Gimp or Irfanview (my other favorites). Make sure you save (Ctrl-S or rightclick-save or file-save) when done cropping as the crop is only saved to the picasa database, not the actual file, until you do.
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Default thanks

Thanks for all the suggestions.

No, don't have a mac. Sounds like Picasa is a good bet for starters and thank for the tip about control S. I've done control C control V, but not a control S!
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