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Default Old Lenses

I have a few of my dad's old FD lenses. I also have a panasonic dmc g-2 with FD adapter. Just starting messing with lenses and g2 last night. I like it, still need to find the best setting etc for the lenses.
My wife really prefers autofocus etc for lenses, she is the primary camera user.
I was wondering if the lenses would sell for much, I would sell them and buy a newer lens or lenses and flash for DMC-G2.
Off the top of my head here are the lenses
Canon FD F1/4 50 MM S.S.C
Canon ?? F2/8 49 MM wide (Not sure if it is fd or what I could not get it to fit on either of dad's old AE-1 camera or my adapter. )
Canon FD f4 70-210MM
Vivitar FD F4/8 - 90-230MM
Bushell ?? f4/8 - 90-300 MM (not sure if this fd either same as other note)
Some minolta gemeni 2x Tele convertor
Also fish eye lens that screwed on to the prime lenses.
Plus a bunch of filters, polarizer and 3rd party flash etc
Also have two AE-1 cameras one still worked other one would not come on and I could not figure out how to change the battery or even check it. I have what I think is an extra battery.
My dad passed away a while back so I really don't know all the details about using the A-1. Been a long time since we used those. My specs for the zoom lenses may not be exact not in front of me right now, I know they are for the prime lenses.
I also wonder if newer lenses would get me better photo quality on the G-2 then these would with proper focus,apature iso and SS
Also would the old flash work with the G-2? I noticed the [email protected] had more contacts on it then my old flash does.
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The best place to ask this would probably be the Canon DSLR forum, a bit further down the page. The folks there would have a better idea of what you have and values.
My best guess on the flash is that it would not be a good idea to try it until you have measured the trigger voltage. There is a thread in the Flash forum on how to do this, and links to places where your flash might be listed.
Another place you might check to get an idea of the value of your equipment, is KEH.com , a used photo equipment place. (if you sell your gear to them, though, remember they need to turn it over for a profit, so you won't get full price) B&H Photo and Adorama also have used stores you can look at, and I believe all three places do trades.

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