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Originally Posted by mikemyers
I visited twice last year - the photos from the first visit are posted here: http://www.forgas.org:1089/0/index/19140443844941887 I've got much better photos from my second trip, but need to reduce them in size a bit before I post them on-line.

If the batteries are in checked baggage, that's fine, but if they find loose batteries in carry-on baggage, they're likely to take them.

My next trip? Probably in the Spring of 2004.

thats good ???
wat camera did ya use to take these pics ????
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I would rather forget the rechargeables and carry several sets of lithium batteries.

During a recent one-week trip I took around 480 pictures in all kinds of conditions. A single set of lithium AA batteries lasted for a good 400 pictures of that trip - it wasn't until the last day before returning home that I had to pop in the rechargeables. These lithium batteries, although a bit expensive, were well worth the hassle they saved me during that trip.

I suggest you spend some money on several sets of lithium batteries, specially if you will have a hard time recharging batteries.

[Edit] I should add that my rechargeable batteries let me shoot between 80 and 100 pictures if fully charged.
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Actually, I had no problem whatever in charging the batteries - the only problem I had, was when the Army officers decided that I couldn't carry the batteries onto the plane with me in my camera bag.

The images posted above were all taken with a Canon S330. On the next trip I took the Canon again, along with my Olympus e-10. The pictures from the Olympus were much better - I need to get them posted soon. I'd already have done it, but most of them are so "big" that they'll take up too much disk space.
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