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Good input Jim. I probably need to go back and check to see just what I got last time. Or since it's about time for new ones....

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I'm another who has transition lenses for my back-up glasses though I often/usually wear contacts. This is my first pair so I don't have anything to compare them to, but I think they don't change quite the same way they did when they were new.

For the most part they don't affect anything when using the viewfinder. However, I have noticed issues when shooting in snow - my lenses get darker than they do anywhere else. Also, sometimes in bright sunlight I mis-judge what would be an interesting shot due to the fact colors and tones can be slightly different. Shooting with a polarizer can be more difficult, and I can't see the LCD screen as well. Next time I'm eligible for frames on my vision care plan I'll probably replace them with something similar.

I'll second how durable they are compared to the anti-glare coatings - I made the mistake one year of getting that on my computer/reading glasses. Plain water really messed up the coating the first time I cleaned them, and then the snow covering they got one day really made them unusable. Never again!
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Speaking of glasses, the latest are incredible. When you look down they are good for reading, when you look up they are for long distance. Its all done electronically.
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I've had all sorts of spectacles, for decades only using Zeiss glass Umbrals, which are photochromic and optically incredibly accurate. They make several versions of them, with different colours and degrees of tint. But these days I just use plain plastic lenses with no coatings of any sort, not even anti-reflective. The reason? The salt air here (Belize) strips off coatings, and once the lens becomes blotchy it's unusable. It's happened to three pairs of specs, with different brand lenses. So it's plain lenses, with polarising sunglasses over the top. I have to take the sunglasses off to take photos, partly because of the polarising effect, partly because with them on my eye is too far from the viewfinder. If I'm going out to take photos I don't take the sunglasses with me. I find it very difficult to judge a scene and compose a picture when I'm seeing it through sunglasses.
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It depends on what you want on them, I alway have the more expensive coatings apply. And they have no problems with using plain soap and water. Just make sure not to use warm or hot water on them.

I currently have 2 pairs of transition, and pair for reading at home, and a polarized pair. And with the higher end coatings. They have no issues at all when cleaning. And the newer transitions I do not get the darkest, so with the amount of snow the NE has received in jan, I do not notice any problems.
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I have glasses varifocals, and when I first had them i ahd a backup second pair as sun glasses. On a visit to the USA I saw someone with magnetic clipons. Well a few years ago they started doing them in the UK and I have never had any thing since. They are great for driving I just clip hem on and when the suns gone just take them off. Again when focusing and composing Just take thenm off. Really good solution.
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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
I even got the same type of lenses for my Mother (now 84 years old) when she needed new glasses last (after discussing that option with her eye doctor following cataract surgeries). She also has Macular Degeneration (where she needs good light to see hardly anything at all)
How is Mama C doing these Days Jim (other than the obvious)? I havent seen her in quite some time. The last time I was there she was cooking up a low country boil and I sampled it and said it needed more old bay and picked up the can and she smacked my hand telling me it was perfect like it was. After she left the room I dumped some more in. When it was done she said "Now see there, its perfect and didnt need anymore old bay in it". I never told her any different LOL. I thought Robert B was gonna roll in the floor laughing and your sister almost let the cat out of the bag!

For you other members JimC's Mom is an awesome lady. Shes the type that if you dare to set foot in her house you are not leaving until you eat something. Dont care if its an ice cream bar or a piece of pie but you are not walking out her door without eating something. She will of course try to get you to eat a full meal first. I dont care if you just left an all you can eat buffet and are stuffed she is not taking no for an answer, gotta love her!
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She's still talking up a storm. So, she must not be doing too bad.

I'm in South Carolina visiting my parents and helping out now. I'll be heading back to Savannah again on Monday.

Yes, she does tend to try and get you to eat something, no matter how many times you say that you don't care for anything.

But, she is a retired Home Economics Teacher, so you get used to it. ;-)
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Glad to hear it Jim. Robert told me about the Rotation, a bit disappointed in someone but it had to be done. I didnt know she taught Home Economics...learn something new every day and yes she is a talker. I think the last visit took me a good half hour to get out the door and into the car with the window down and still going as I was trying to back out LOL. I think she tries to make sure she takes up any slack Papa C might leave.
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So, pls help me out here ... I've been considering the Transition-type glasses since getting my new camera. A hundred yrs ago (well, close to it, it seems), I had the polarized lenses that were always kind of dark, inside or out. Since I already have dark circles under my eyes, I don't need to have them look worse. Do the new Transitions REALLY go completely clear when out of bright lite? As JustinThyme remarked, my eyes are also very sensitive to bright lite. Thnx for your input ...
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