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Originally Posted by NotDadsW41 View Post
Question for the all the photogs with eyeglasses. I wear eyeglasses and have the auto-tinting kind. So when I am out in the sun, they turn darker. During the winter with snow on the ground, they turn dark and stay dark for a long time. This has been causing me grief when trying to shoot outside recently.

So you guys that wear glasses, do have the same issue?

Do you keep a second set of glasses that do not have a tint?

Or do you just deal with it and go on?
Ya, it is suggested that you have an additional set of glasses that are not photochromic. Its for your own convenience.
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Old thread but I'll chime in too, as I wear tri-focal glasses that turn dark in sunlight. Cold make them turn darker and stay darker longer which is only a minor problem when first coming indoors. My biggest problem wearing glasses is being able to see all of the view finder at one time. Being that the glasses keep your eye further away for the view finder I have to scan the view finder to see all the data (IE. f-stop, shutter speed, etc). Can't use contacts as they don't make them for people who wear tri-focal glasses. So I'm now using a neck strap attached to my glasses. When shooting the glasses hang off my neck and when I need to make changes to the camera's menu I put the glasses back on my face. This method does stop me from pixel peeping as much as without my glasses on I can't see the back LCD screen and no one else can see through my camera's view finder either.
Comments always welcome.
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