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snowball Aug 12, 2002 3:44 PM

Any tips for returning my camera?
Hi everyone, first post here.

I recently bought a Coolpix 885 and I'm very satisfied with it but, last week the flash burned out inside it while using it under normal conditions. It's only 2 weeks old so I'm sending it back to Nikon for repair.

Before I do though I would like some tips on packaging the camera, key words I can include in the problem description that I will be writing that will assure them I was taking care of my camera, and anything else I cant think of that you may know. I also have 1 dead pixel on the LCD that was there since I bought it but figured it was just something I would have to deal with.

Should I ask for the LCD to be fixed too? Anyone suggest just requesting a new camera? Most importantly I'm asking these questions because I dont want to leave any room for them to say the problem isnt covered under their 1 year limited warranty.

Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.


Gary Senkus Aug 12, 2002 4:02 PM

Most cases first 30 days return to place of purchase, check nikon site for info.

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MK Aug 12, 2002 4:18 PM

Chris, like Gary said, try the place where you bought it first. Most places have a 30 day return/exchange policy. Why fix it when you can get a completely new camera?

However, if you can't do that, just describe the problem to Nikon and they'll take care or it. Their customer service is excellent. I had to send my 950 in for the famous switch problem and they did a fantastic job.

They don't give you any hassle unless there's evidence it was your fault (e.g., you droppped it). A blown flash tube inside the camera doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. As for a general cleaning, they will do that if you request it but since your camera is 2 weeks old, I wouldn't even ask. Why take things apart to clean it when it's "new"? There's more of a chance of screwing things up during the cleaning.

snowball Aug 13, 2002 2:21 AM

I bought the camera through steves-digicams advertisements which are and they only have a 10 day return policy and wont take it back so I have to go to Nikon. Nikon didnt give me a hassle on the phone but I figured maybe they just wanted to get the camera in their hands then decide whether they would pay or not (thats what I'm worried about.)

I guess you can say I'm always expecting the worst and trying to prepare. Nice to hear you had a good experience with them though MK. Theres nothing that I want more than a new camera but it seems I have to deal with a repaired one now. Thanks for the link Gary. Guess I will ship tomorrow as planned. Let everyone know how it goes!



Gary Senkus Aug 13, 2002 8:14 AM

Remember you bought a Nikon not a yakimondo, unless dented or dripping sleep easy. Remember this is not a car motor with many many touque setting annd moving parts. Should be equal or better than new as all values will be verified by tech, found with Olympus they tend to return ship same way you ship, UPS ground could be up to 14 days in route.

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MK Aug 13, 2002 10:59 AM

So Gary, just what exactly is a "yakimondo" and where can I buy one? :D:D:D:D

Gary Senkus Aug 13, 2002 11:07 AM


Originally posted by MK
So Gary, just what exactly is a "yakimondo" and where can I buy one? :D:D:D:D
Actually called someones 300ZX Turbo that after quickly blowing off his doors w/o even bothering to kick back a gear. Also told him to put sign over garage " House of Yak". HD, Vettes and apple pie, life is good.

snowball Aug 13, 2002 2:35 PM

:D:D Thanks a lot guys, think I got it all down now and feel much better about sending it back. I will insure the camera and send it 1-2 day shipping, then again I lucked out because their service center is 40 minutes away from me and may get there quick anyway.


Robert Eastburg Aug 20, 2002 1:40 PM

I wouldn't worry about Nikon standing behind their warranty. For convenience, though, I usually have a local camera store send it in for me. They charge me a nominal fee.

snowball Sep 9, 2002 3:16 PM

OK. I received my camera back on 9/6/02 working just fine. Nikon received the camera on 8/15/02, (way too long if you ask me.)

I used everyones tips and im not sure if they helped out or what but I appreciate them anyway.



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