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Being ABLE to chimp was one of my main reasons for going digital. I had digital compacts from shortly after they first came out, but I still used my film SLR up until very few years ago when the problems of keeping film in the very hot and humid climate I'm now in became insuperable.
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First camera I had with a swivel screen was a Canon A620. I loved it especially the shots I got with my pup back then. It was much easier to get the shots that looked as they should getting low down to his level. The same with my friends and family for kid shots. So far nothing has broken off or failed. Works the same as I got it. I have a G11, HS10 and D5000. All work well as when I got it and none broke off. Could be I have too many cameras and don't shoot one often enough to break it or have it fail on me. I find the articulating screens a nice addition to taking shots high and low and over a fence if need be. Street candids are most fun when shooting at waist level or high over head in crowd type shots.
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1. The replys on this forum are more down to the point, more pros seem to be active.
2. however there was one clever idea

After all your comments I will go tilt simply because of the shooting line.
Must only decide which one. A handicap slows down the ability to move fast closer.
In this respect the new search feature of d.preview is really helpful
Can't have it all
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just noticed that the Op was referring to p&s and most answers were from DSLR perspective.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
I've used videocameras that have the tilt/swivel LCD monitors, and been satisfied with their durability, but the tilt/swivel LCD monitors on still cameras are a lot less impressive.
I have my first tilt/swivel monitor on my Canon G12 and I love it. Yes I have concerns about breaking the hinge and I think if one is not careful, this could happen, even though the G 12's hinge seems relatively robust.

I suppose it's a bit of a trade off. At first I thought this tilt/swivel monitor was just a smart marketing gimmick from Canon and to a degree that's probably true.

But it also allows me to get some fantastic and very creative angles to take photographs .

With my two DSLR's (Pentax K10D and KM) fixed monitors, I suppose I could get similar angles....but I would have to put my old and creaky body through some mind boggling contortions to do so.

So on the plus/minus scale....I give Canon a big + for incorporating this very useful feature on their useful little G12.

I don't know if the Pentax K5 has a tilt/swivel monitor...but it would be great if it did.

I think the Canon 60D has such a monitor...but that may be it as far as DSLR's go. Don't know.
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Originally Posted by lesmore49 View Post
I think the Canon 60D has such a monitor...but that may be it as far as DSLR's go. Don't know.
Sony's A390, A560, A580, A33, & A55 all have articulating LCD monitors.
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