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Default Same issue on my new T3i

I had the exact same annoying issue with a brand new or supposedly new T3i. I saw dust specks in my first one, returned it, got a second one that had them too but at another spot, returned it again. Bought a new one again but instead of the focusing screen, the speck looked embedded in the glass of the viewfinder along with a dead LCD pixel. You can't see it when your eye is up against the viewfinder but move back and you see it suspended in the viewfinder glass. Ughs! I returned it, got another one with a dust speck inside the LCD glass this time but luckily it fell into the foam of the frame and disappeared but upon inspection of the viewfinder, I now see a small dark smear streak at the far right and about 4-5 dark dots or specks. Worse than my original two. So far I've kept this latest replacement because returning the camera over and over to win the lotto might be a futile exercise. Maybe I try to ignore it but a new camera shouldn't have this much dust already inside at initial unboxing.

The focusing screen seems to be a dust magnet too. Maybe it has static charge that makes dust cling to it? The etched texture makes dirt stick and get embedded even more too. Aren't these made in dust free cleanrooms? Oh well...part of me wants to try one more time but the other part says learn to live with it. Sighs....What do other T3i owner's see through their viewfinders?

Warning: The focusing screen is EXTREMELY DELICATE so I would not take a q-tip or cloth to it. Don't ask how I know this. :P You WILL end up scratching it where it looks like you ice skated on the focusing screen and that will require sending it to Canon Factory Service. The problem with that besides paying for it is even when Canon sent it back having completely replaced the focusing screen, there was an eyelash hair and a fiber dust strand on the prism side of the focusing screen so even they couldn't keep it 100% clean and introduced new pieces of debris into the camera. Also, the camera never perfomed the same and had focus and exposure issues when using viewfinder focusing after this repair/replacement. No issues in liveview mode but viewfinder shooting was consistently way overexposed after the focusing screen replacement repair. They effectively ruined the camera so afer giving Canon a chance, at my cost, I sent it back to the store and am, at the moment trying to live with the specks of dust I see in a working t3i. Sighs. At least the pictures come out fine. Can't belive dust can drive me so crazy though...when there are people starving in the world. But the few specls do drive me nuts for some unknown reason.

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