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Default Please help a novice!

when i was in japan i bought a Sanyo DSC-X110 that uses Smartmedia cards. I took some shots and on a guys computer successfully loaded them on........back here in NZ i have just had a USB port put in my comp and am trying to use the SMRW Card Dock card reader to get the pictures onto my comp becuase i dont have a cable.........the software that came with the camera is in japanese and anyway i think i can only use it with a camera and a cable and not a card reader. The card reader came with some software called USB CFRW Support Soft Ver.100. I have installed this but it seems to be a program that does things inside the computer and doesnt show u on the screen...As u can see i am really new to all this. What i am trying to find out is where can i get or download a program that will get my pics from my smartmedia reader onto my comp and what would it be called....would adobe photoshop do this? Any help would be very much appreciated
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Either the card reader or the USB connection to the camera should show up as a removable drive. Just use Windows Explorer (not IE) to copy them to your hard drive.

You said, ".... i have just had a USB port put in my comp ....". Does your USB port work with any other device? If you have a computer old enough that it didn't have a USB port, there may be some hoops to jump through to make that work.
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I am not familiar w/ your model but plz note the following, which is universal throughout :

1. English manuals R usually downloadable thru the maker's official site .

2. there R 2 ways to get photos from your camera to your PC : 1, by linking a cable directly between these 2, and 2, by taking the SmartMedia card out of your camera and inserting into the media reader (connected to your PC) . search thru the original box again, since the former way is more swift than the latter .

3. U usually do NOT need any additional software for your PC to recognize your camera when connected . as BillDrew pointed out above : open your Windows Explorer and look all the way down below . you should be able to see a new drive letter . the newer the Windows version, the more easily your PC would recognize w/o extra installation . the extra software included probably is a photo-editing software . U really don't have to use this, rather the 1 U R used to .

4. if still in doubt, ask in the Sanyo category of this forum . good luck !
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Default driver needed

First it would help to know what operating system your using, Windows 95 , 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, or is it a mac? If its win95 or 98, you will need to install a driver that should have come with the card reader. If it didnt come with a driver try to find the web site of the card reader you bought and download a driver from there. If you have ME or XP it shouldnt need a driver and should show up as another drive. Plus am guessing since you had to ad a USB port your computer is kinda old. Not even sure if your using Win 95 you can get the USB port to even work.
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