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I'm thinking to buy Finepix S602 Z this month.

However, I have a friend in Asia, which the price is little chaper than in US.

So, I'm just wondering.......the model in Asia is the same as US model?

what if I buy new parts in here (US), when something is broken.....would there be any problems w/ cam bought from Asia??? (suitable?)

Also........the softwares and everything is capable to use here ?

Thnz soo much !!
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I travel extensively and have pondered this question always, from digital cameras to PDA's . I have found however all other factors being the same, price is lower in US < Asia < Europe . where the latter is the most expensive . this is because US has the most discounters who buy in large volumes . but ofcourse, the newer models appear in Japan, as early as 6 months to 2 years ! (in case of larger electronics) than other parts of the world .

ofcourse, the discussion here becomes more complex since U can bargain prices in some parts of Asia, even at the major electronic quarters in Tokyo & Osaka .

OK, what U seek now may be more cheaper in Asia, but U HAVE to consider product support since digital cameras R much more delicate than film counterparts . I would NOT buy from afar unless it is 20% lower than local price . from there on, it becomes a worthwhile gamble

I might note that in virtual ALL cases, models R alike in Japan as well as in US, while sometimes ONLY model number differs . but note some Japanese models R NOT exported, usually the ultra compact ones (because they make so many as a fad) .. so check in advance . otherwise, getting parts is of no problem . only that U might have to pay extra for it . enjoy ~
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Default s602

Another point to consider is the video out PAL or NTSC because its not switchable according to the reveiws i have read on the S602. In the USA we use NTSC were in other countries it mite be PAL.
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Would put more than 20% value on warrenty, If cam is completely dead were do you start replaceing parts till you guess right. Menu my not be in english, tv out everyone wants (NTSC)only few % use. Does it come with 220V battery charger. there goes some savings. Last how fast can you learn language if not in English. If money issue let me end this with a thought " I am to poor to buy anything CHEAP"
Good Luck,
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