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Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
Okay fellas ..... thx for your responses :-)

Several things for each of you -
@iowa - you mention "iso 3200 is strickly out of desparation" ~ maybe, but there are plenty of us 'togs who do lo-light stuff and who, in days past have worked with ISO-3200 film .... are you suggesting that ISO-3200 work is somehow 'flawed' because it shows grain? [not into arguements here - just a rhetorical Q]
Regards, Phil
Nah, I wasn't trying to comment on anyone else's work. I'm saying that for my needs and with my equipment, I'm not satisfied with my results at iso 3200. Given what Shoturtle was saying, I need to add "and my skill level" to the list of reasons why.
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