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Default Cold Winter Climates

Has anyone ever tried one of those hand or toe warmer things in the bottom of a holster or small bag. I've never used one of these things so don't know how hot they get. I try to do some snowshoeing in the winter and would like to tale my new toy along this year. I was thinking that a top loader holster type case w/one of these things in the bottom might be a good way to handle this. I realize that long exposure will mess up the LCD, but it dosn't usually take long to get a shot. Condensation would be the main factor.
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They get pretty warm, 135 - 156 degrees F in one spec I found; not enough to damage skin, but they can get uncomfortable for some people. I might not put it touching the camera, but inside a baby sock or the like just for a bit of buffer.
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I'd be careful as they can get pretty warm and your camera will develop condensation from the heat in the bag and then pulling it out to use in the colder weather. Your lens most likely will fog up and take several minutes if not more to un-fog and get used to the new climate. Also I'd be worried about the bag getting very warm and depending on the bag and how long you plan to keep it powered up you may have some issues with the bag smoldering slowly or the camera getting really hot and too hot to hold. But in order to confirm that last statement I'd need to test it to know the exact effects.. If it was me I wouldn't but you can always experiment and see what happens to the camera and the bag.

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I haven't used one in years, but the one I once used was lovely for hands, but I don't think I'd use it in a camera bag.

Personally, I've never worried much about the cold, other than the effect it has on batteries. I'll keep the camera in the bag most of the time when snowshoeing. Like Photo 5 mentioned, taking a camera from warm to cold or cold to warm can cause condensation on the lens.
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The chemical heating pads give off considerable water vapor as a byproduct. This is really not a good idea if you plan to use the camera outside in the cold. In most cases, the temperature ratings given by the manufacturer are pretty conservative. I have used both my Minolta and Pentax cameras in temps down to 0 degrees (F) without problems other than reduced battery capacity. A set of lithium cells is worth the expense, as it will last longer and save having to switch batteries in the cold. A lens cap tether is also a very good idea if you don't want to fish yours out of a snowbank.
Just be sure to have a well sealed plastic bag to put the camera in when you bring it indoors, and give it plenty of time to warm up. I also keep silica gel in the bag as extra precaution against condensation.

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Default Cold

After reading your replies I tend to think it was a bad idea.
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I live in a very cold climate...periods of 30 below and colder are not unusual during the winter. I just put my camera equipment without warming devices in the bag.

Or if I take my small...advanced compact....I put the strap around my neck and carry it under my winter parka...taking it out when I see a photo opportunity.

Never had any problems.
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Northern Wisconsin gets to the same kind of temps or a bit colder (I've seen -40 here). I let my camera get cold and stay cold with no serious problems. Battery life goes way down and below -30F the LCD went funny but was just fine when it warmed up.

I think trying to keep the camera warm in any way is a bad idea. Seems like moving it from warm to cold to warm to cold to ... cannot do any good.

The hand warmer things are a good idea - to keep your hands warm.
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Keep the heat off source from touching the camera or lenses and also watch out for moisture build up. You don't want to solve one problem just to create another.
Comments always welcome.
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