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For people like us, professional and amateur alike, that care what our photos look like, and do what we can to get consistently better results, our 'Keeper Ratio' will certainly be higher than the average schlub with a cell phone. I don't think the problem is that media outlets are lowering their standards. I think the problem is that there are A LOT of schlubs with cell phones out there, posting their photos on social networks, and occasionally even a schlub will get what we would call a 'Keeper', if only by accident. And with a world full of schlubs, the chances that there will be some at some event that a newspaper wants a photo of, they're likely to find one. It's the infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters, not a lowering of the editorial standards of the media. If they can't find a photo that's good enough to publish, they can just come up with another thousand words, which is also cheaper than paying a photographer.
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I'm thinking that photojournalism is going the same way that journalism is going. The concept of the investigative reporter seems to have been replaced by pundits who would rather protect economic stability rather than 'upset the apple cart'. For photojounalism, a picture that portrays what they want the story to be is better than trying to get a reporter and photographer on the inside for a genuine perspective.
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I am in the photo journalism business and luckily I have not had an issues that even comes close to suggesting that I am on my way out, being outsourced or getting my pay cut. I believe I produce great images and my editor agrees. Yes budgets are tight but I am lucky to have an editor that believes in what I do and tells me every so often. But then again if I worked at a different paper things might be different (you never know)
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Equipment doesnt matter; timing does. There are awesome shots of the planes hitting WTC on 9/11 made by amateurs and passersby. DSLRs are bulky, so only pros carry them around. I wouldnt use a DSLR in Niagara Falls, but in the photo studio only.
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