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Default ADR in my car


I need to do some ADR'ing for a film I'm making HOWEVER I still live in my parent's house with all my family, who are always running around, watching Tv, shouting at each other or whatever, so there's no-where in the house I can record peacefully.

I do however, own a car. I've come to the conclusion this is the only place, or rather, the least worst place, I can actually ADR.

So, I've tried googling but no-one else has ever done this apparently, so if anyone has any good ideas on where to put the microphone, what could I use to cover the windows to stop reverb, where should I sit/stand/or lie? Any suggestions on this topic would be most appreciated by me.

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Unless the car is a big boxy thing like a Honda Elephant, you don't have to worry too much. Auto engineers take great pains with acoustics. You will probably need a fairly quiet place, without a lot of street noise, though.
Alternatively, you could try your local library. Explain to the librarian your needs, and you nay be able to find a workspace that suits.

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My parents have a toyota yaris:

Picture: http://images.motoring.co.uk/images/...0f079ba-m2.jpg

And a peugeot 307 estate:

Picture: http://images.seawaycars.co.uk/vehic...15-640x480.jpg

Which would be better?
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The inside of an automobile is probably the best recording studio most people have access to. The upholstery, padding, and baffles will work well for what you want to do, and the glass is what permits people in the rear seat to hear what the driver is saying, so leave it alone. Place the microphone on the center console, and if you want stereo, place the microphones near the opposite B pillars.
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