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Default Lens test comparisons - 2nd test - Sigma & Panasonic lenses & Panny FZ100

G'day all

A month or so back I posted a very similar thread, looking into the sharpness of various lenses in our camera bag, and decided to do the test a second time, this time taking a bit more care with camera settings

ALL cameras were hit with a 'factory-reset' before the test to return them to factory defaults ... thus erasing any issues with anti-noise, or extra colour saturation etc etc

I've had fun doing these side-by-side comparisons with our houseshold's variances of cameras & lenses.

> a Panasonic FZ100 with 24x zoom [rated by panny as equivalent to 28 - 672mm in film camera terms]
> a Panasonic G2 with the panny 45-200 lens [equiv to 90-400mm] and its 100-300 [eq 200-600], and
> a Pentax Kx with Sigma 28-300 [equiv to 42-450mm] and a 70-300APO [105-450mm]

The 'target' house is across the street - about 125metres [400feet] away;
all cameras were set to 12mpx - ISO-200 - WB-sunny - Exposure as "A" aperture-mode, autofocus & metering were set as 'centre-weighted'. Even with a factory-reset to defaults, there were minor colour differences are visible

Even though each camera was set to 12mpx, slight pixel variations occur between camera makers, so all images were normalised to 4000pixels wide. Then, to create the side-by-side images, each camera image was "sliced" into a 900w x 1800h crop, and pasted onto a 3600px wide canvas [thus covering 4 slices]

Vertical differences via tripod movement were attended to via pushing the image up or down [and creating a broken top & bottom edge], and the final aligned images were cropped and tidied up to 1500 pixels, with a 300 pixel white lower border then added for text [and returning them to 1800 pixels high]. Images were then downsized for posting to 1200px wide and saved to keep the image-size at 250kb for posting here

1- here is the target house

2- centre image comparisons

3- edge/corner image comparisons

General comments:-
The FZ is beautiful & easy to use, the G2 is delightful in its size & weight, the Pentax is up for sale as [like all APS-dSLRs for us] even though it's a small dSLR, it's too large & heavy for our comfort levels

The Sigma 28-300 is obviously a poor example from its maker, as others here have commented from the earlier post. This lens was bought 2nd-hand some time ago, and I guess its original owner did similar tests and was happy to dispose of it. I am now doing the same, but can't even give it away!!

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/

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Nice results from the G2 and the Pentax with the 70-300- with the G2 having more shadow detail... the FZ100's limited dynamic range could be masked with a touch of neg' exposure comp' also... and maybe the Pentax a touch of + exp'.
Interesting to see how they perform at default,however- though results could invariably be improved with each,once the user gets to know his/her camera...
Very impressive lens on that G2... and the Sigma 70-300..
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Regarding the 28-300mm Sigma: I have a similar lens from Tamron which didn't look so good when I picked it up second hand. I found that the rubber cover around the front of the objective lens covers three screws with angled slots, which will allow adjustment of the focus. If yours is set up the same way, you should be able to get much sharper results from it.

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