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I have several bags. At the moment my back is acting up so I'm carrying a small (at least for me) Tamrac with Pentax K5, 2-3 lenses, wireless remote, extra memory card and extra battery, rocket air blower (my minimal kit). The lenses vary depending on what I have in mind (if anything).

When my back is not acting up I carry a Lowepro Stealth (or is it a reporter?) 200 bag with two extra batteries, several extra memory cards, a couple of alum wrenches for attaching tripod plates to lenses/camera, L-bracket for camera, several polarizer filters and step-up rings, reversing ring, small reflector, wired and wireless remotes, rocket air blower, sometimes my home-made extension tube (TC with glass removed), sometimes the tripod mount for my longer telephoto and no more than 5 lenses (up to 3 large ones and 2 small ones). There's a place for my wallet, if need be, and I sometimes carry a gorillapod stuck through the "strap" on the side. The bag is large enough for 4 large lenses and more stuff than I ever put in it.

I also have a Kata 3N1-30 bag that can carry everything but the kitchen sink in it (all of the above along with flash and table stand, deflectors, 7 lenses, etc.), along with having an accessory for carrying a tripod (mine is a Gitzo 2541, so not exactly small). While I did carry this as my main bag for a year or so, it's really too heavy for me. I'll take it in the car and for short hikes when I don't want to carry the tripod, though then I don't fill up all of the spaces.
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I have 3 Pentax DSLR bodies, about 7 lenses, two flashes and a Canon G 12. Two of the DSLR's are large (have battery grips), one is a small DSLR body.

Each DSLR and the G 12 have their own...dedicated... bag. Most of the bags (Lowepro + Kata) are small, well padded and can carry one DSLR and about 2 lenses.

They are ready to go .

I then have a large Lowepro with 9 pockets for lenses and flashes. this large bag is my storage bag, that generally is left home. I always bag my equipment...don't want dust or accidents to damage them. I only take this large Lowepro if we (wife and me) are on a long car trip.

I sometimes take all 3 DSLR's and my G 12 out on daily photo trips. I carry the bags in my large sedan with trunk.

From long experience I know what bodies I will use, what lenses, flashes I will need beforehand.

Last week, one day I drove out in the country...about 200 miles down back roads...taking quite a number of pix....landscapes, vintage vehicles abandoned in fields, birds, animals, etc.

I had two bags...my one large Kata 3N1...that carried one DSLR with a W/A zoom and another DSLR with a telephoto zoom.

The other bag (Lowepro)...small DSLR... had a small DSLR with a fish eye lens and the small G12.

The bag covers were open and pulled back, exposing the cameras, which were well tucked in the padded pockets.

Bags were also seat belted on my front seat...cameras were all easily accessible and would not go anywhere in case of a fast stop, etc.

A large sedan works well...I have a large 6 seater Buick...lot's of room for me and camera equipment up front. Our small Toyota wouldn't work as well.

If I'm walking down forest trails or at an outdoor event...I figure out what I need beforehand and when I arrive at the event or trails...reposition the bags in the trunk (check and make sure no one is watching)...take out the equipment and start taking pix.

I always secure my equipment, in their padded bags, with seat belts . In case of an accident I don't want expensive equipment flying around the vehicle interior...it can damage both me and the equipment.

I've been a photographer..for well over 40 years...both an avid hobbyist and also...for a few years... as part of a job.

This system works for me, maybe cumbersome for others...but works best for me...took me almost 4 decades to figure it out though.

All the bags have extra batteries, memory cards, lens cleaning supplies, etc. and Glad garbage bags to stick in my pocket. I carry a folded up, HD garbage bag in my pocket when I'm outside...if there's a sudden rainstorm, or snow...I cover the equipment with the bag. I don't usually carry a camera bag over my shoulder....I'm older and have a painful 'trick' shoulder...but I can carry a couple of cameras with the straps around my neck quite comfortably.

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