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I started out with the beta for LR3 and then purchase when the product was released. I consider it to be one of the best purchases I have made for photography.

The non-destructive editing is great. Lots of demo videos on You Tube and Lightroomkillertips.com. I am surprised that more people are not using it here.

I highly recommend down loading the free beta for LR4 and giving it a go. I think the beta expires in March so not much time if you want to give it a try.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
I like my workflow just fine the way it is. Nothing you've mentioned would benefit me.

... and if it can't do layers, then none of that other stuff matters.
Try it. ;-)

Just download LR4 Beta and give it a spin.

Or, if you really want more control over editing, give the new Corel AfterShot Pro (formerly Bibble Pro) a try. It allows you to create layers and add regions for selective editing. For example, increasing saturation in one area but not another, or using fill light on the bottom of photo without impacting the sky, etc; using the amount of opacity desired for the edited portions. It also has better viewing and metadata options compared to Lightroom (viewing photos without using catalogs, viewing photos from more than one catalog at a time, etc.).

Here's a thread started by boBBrennan with a link to a new Webinar that demonstrates a lot of it's features. The selective editing functions (creating layers with regions for editing) are demonstrated starting around 30 minutes into it (most of the first portion of the webinar is geared towards professionals doing events like weddings, where a product like AfterShot Pro can save a lot of time).

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JimC, thanks for the link. I use LR3 now but After Shot Pro looks pretty interesting too. It does a number of things LR3 can't that look to be very useful and a big time saver.
Comments always welcome.
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Just downloaded LR4 beta and I love the new map module! I'm a map type person so enjoy things like that (my hubby, who is not, could care less about such things).

I tried to locate some of my shots I didn't have a track for and decided that I need to carry my GPS more - I'm too much of an exact type person to do it by hand. I had some pictures I took at the San Diego Zoo and instead of selecting all of them and locating then at the center of mass for the zoo, I started to try to figure out where in the zoo I had taken them, which using google maps you can do fairly reasonably. However, I quickly decided I didn't have the patience for it. I wonder if in the final version the program will be able to geotag pictures by comparing photo time with tracks? I have another program to do that, but wonder if they'll add it in, it would be one less program/step to do.
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LR is the best editing tool esp if you're working with many pictures at the same time. Like I mainly do Real estate photography, and I do sometimes come home with over 500 shots.

I import them into LR, I make a small tweak to one photo with lens correction and etc. Then I select all and just synchronize it. And all of the photos have now the same settings.

I group the once I want to fuse together, (for better overall lightning and windows to be clear and etc) After that I use one of my plugin programs, to fuse them together, and when it's done it is automatically imported back to LR in to the same folder. I flag the images I want. And then I start the real editing process. First I start of by sharpening one picture, give it some fillight and recovery. Some more contrast and etc. Then I select all, and synchronize all of the pictures. Then after that, I just do some small adjustments with the brush and etc.

After I'm done, I just export the files with preset settings. Cause I have different settings for different customers.

If I was gonna do all of this one by one i PS, and I've been using PS for about 12 years. It would take forever to do it!

And I do sometimes have to use layers because some of the windows didn't turn out nice. I just select the two pictures, right click on one of the pictures, and the I just choose, edit in --> edit in photoshop with layers. And voila. PS jumps pup with the images on layers, I do what I need to, just save it. And automatically the new tiff file jumps back in to LR next to the files I just opened.

I just love it

Sorry for my english, and some of the settings might be named differently then what I've said, cause my LR & PS are in Swedish
Best Regards,
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