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I own a canon 50D and i have a friends who use Pentax.
Pentax has been around a very long time and knows how to make good cameras and lenses very comparable to the top guns, Canon and Nikon.
Moreover the L lenses and the Stabilized lenses cost a fortune in some cases wheres some older Pentax lenses will still fit and work and be stabilized in some cases. In some cases you lose some functions but i tell ya when cost rides in man and you will soon find that out coz this is an expensive hobby, you will look for some cheaper lenses and pentax may offer that.
So i would stick with pentax and rather than buy lenses buy some accesories like a nissin/metz flash , a tripod, a remote trigger and practise and see what you like shooting.
Get a 50mm f1.8 and challenge yourself with composition.
Good Luck.
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I'd save up for the Pextax K-5. Its a very well built, rugged, solid build and weather sealed camera body. I;ve been using mine since end of October and I've taken over 18,000 images and loving it.

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