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Default How to get two relatively small objects in focus?

Ive been playing with photographing toys/models. They are not tiny, perhaps 30-40 cm in height.

Im trying to get all the models in crystal clear focus, but as im trying to blur the background im using F2.8 and so have a shallow DOF.

My options are:

use my 24-70 at F2.8 in close


use my 70-200 at F4 and move a distance back.

Im unsure which setup will give me the best DOF while keeping the background out of focus.

Below is a test shot ( will be reshot again so dont worry about the composition).

All help appreciated:
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There are a number of ways to get what you want, but the simplest is to increase the distance between the subject and the background. Whatever else you do will benefit greatly from that.
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By increasing the distance between subject and background, you will be able to use a smaller aperture for increased DOF. In the shot you posted, getting your focus between the objects, by focusing on the spider's foreleg would help you split the difference.

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With a little planning you can stack different images, kind of like an HDR but gaining depth of field instead. Do a search for "focus stacking".
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