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On the surface, Amazon doesn't look too bad, depending on the storage options you use. If you want more redundancy, the prices increase significantly. I was looking at the differences in cost between some of their services a while back for backup purposes, and Amazon's S2 service only costs 12.5 cents per month per GB for the first 1TB (then the cost/GB decreases) for storage in the cloud.

They also don't charge anything for the bandwidth used for uploads. Only outgoing traffic results in bandwidth costs. So, it's tempting for image storage purposes.

CPU costs, etc., may be higher, as their monthly cost calculators seem to imply. But, I haven't played with it. Also, you could always use them to store images, while using a cheaper hosting service to run the pages, and just point them to Amazon's cheap storage if you run into any issues with disk space usage (even though other web hosts may claim unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, etc, they may not like it if you upload too much to the servers with the cheaper hosting plans, and I wouldn't want to risk an account being suspended).

Any idea what http://www.justhost.com charges for a dedicated IP Address? I've seen different costs quoted in different reviews, and it looks like a lot of their plans changed not long ago

Again, I don't see that option if adding a plan to a cart there (so it looks like you'd have to add it after you sign up). I'd prefer a service with a dedicated IP Address for various reasons. For one thing, I wouldn't want to end up in spammer databases if another site using the same shared IP address ended up getting into trouble (hacked, sending spam deliberately, etc.), since IP addresses are quickly blacklisted by anti-spam services.
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Justhost dedicated IP costs 20 per year.

Probably $20-$30. Seems a bit steep.

Amazon cloud storage is fantastic if you don't need lots of space. Great for documents, source code, etc. A lot of services like Jungledisk (and I think Dropbox too) are layered on top of Amazon. It gets very expensive for photographs and video though.

Services like Crashplan are much better for that.
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