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Default Oddball problem with image transfer to computer

G'day all

Gotta very odd thing happening - suspect it's a Windows issue rather than camera... using W7 by the way & camera is panny G2

For years now, my SOP for uploading images from camera to computer is via Windows Explorer - a simple Cut > Paste into a target folder that then is used so sort the wheat from the chaff and further processing etc

I just plug the SD card into the laptop's SD slot - it comes up as a removable drive and away I go ...

In recent times I have been unable to undertake the Cut > Paste, only been able to Copy > Paste with File > Delete even greyed out on the drop-down list

If I exchange cards from a 2nd camera, I can do a Cut > Paste for one maybe two times, before Windows swaps things over to only let me Copy > Paste

It's driving me nuts

I've been thru 'My-computer > Folder Options' and can't see anything there
There's nothing in the panny menus to set anything like this
Any suggestions anyone?

Regards, Phil
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Can't help with a answer but will be very interested in hearing an answer. I have the same problem with my desk top computer running Vista 64. Use to be able to download pictures from the computer build in card slots, but now it won't allow cut and paste. Everything works find using an external card reader plug into one of the USB slots.
Comments always welcome.
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It never actually occured to me to do it that way. I always just drag the folder from the card to the hard disk.
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I use 'Move', and haven't had any difficulties.


Excuse me, that is with XP.

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I'd try formatting the cards using the camera's menu choice for format, in case your SOP is corrupting their file systems.

Are you using the "Safely Remove" features in the Operating System before unplugging the card (either by using the Safely Remove Icon in the System tray, or by "right clicking" on the card under Computer and using the Eject choice)?

If not, and any pending writes (your deletes from using cut and paste) are still in the Operating System's cache at the time the card is removed, you could be corrupting the file system. With some readers, they're treated as permanent drives with write cache enabled if they're present when the OS is booted. So, I'd make sure to use the Safely Remove features before unplugging the card, especially if you're writing to it (as deleting images does), so that any pending writes in the OS cache are flushed to it with the file system unmounted before you unplug it.

Personally, I don't try to delete my images using a computer (as the way you're approaching it does), to avoid any writes to the card from a PC (since deleting images is writing to the card). That way, I minimize any potential for file system corruption due to OS bugs, problems with the USB protocol, USB Port voltage levels, AV scanners interfering, etc.).

I just copy the images from the card and paste them into a target folder on the hard drive without using a PC to delete the ones on the card.

Then, I just use the camera's menu choice for format prior to using the card again. That's just as fast (or faster) than deleting the images using another method anyway, since it's just recreating the FAT, and it also insures I start out with a fresh FAT on the card to reduce the chance of corruption that may not be apparent until later.
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I have done a quick search and this appears to be a common problem cant see an answer yet but it seems to be a prob with both windows and apple and it looks like it could be down to an update. This wouldnt surprise me at all with windows, and apple seems to be involved around lion upgrade
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