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Default Whats ratio of photos do you keep?

Im wondering what ratio of photos do you actually keep after a day/weekend of shooting?

Some weekends I can go out, only take 5 or 10 images and i end up keeping 3-4 images, but others ( this weekend) i take 50+ images and get only 3 keepers.

I think when i plan a shoot, do some scouting a day/week/month beforehand, have time to think about it and am lucky with the lighting, i get many more keepers than those days that i just head out with the camera in search of inspiration.

What do you think helps improve your ratio of keepers to junk?
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The term "keepers" is kind of fluid in my head. I go out usually with the intent of getting two or three certain shots. Now after setting up my camera I'll often take 15-25 shots of varied exposures, apertures, and ISOs before I'm happy. Couple that with my obligatory bracketed shots in case I want to try merging them and I can easily hit 200+ photos before I pack it in. Once I get home though I'll start culling them with the goal of narrowing it down to those two or three shots I had planned from the start. I may end up with three or four of each to start playing around with in software to see which ones accept my processing attempts the best. That's pretty my approach at this point.
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depends what im shooting, if its something like birds in flight or insects or water droplets then i get probly more than 50% unusable, if im shooting landscapes or horse events then i get nearly all keepers.
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Generally, 30% _+5%
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Originally Posted by schmintan View Post
Im wondering what ratio of photos do you actually keep after a day/weekend of shooting?
All of them.

I never delete anything. I'm a "pack rat".

Now, ask a different question (e.g., how many of the photos you take are presentable) and you might get a very different answer. ;-)

A lot depends on what I'm shooting. I do tend to take a *lot* of shots of the same subject at times, with slightly different perspectives, exposure settings, etc. So, most of them are probably just "wasted" shots, taking more time to go through later to figure out which shot of the same subject should be the "keeper". Those would tend to be a small percentage of the actual shots taken with some subjects.

Today's image management software makes it very easy to browse through a lot of photos, flagging and rating (one star, two stars, etc.) the ones that are perspective keepers.

But, I never delete anything (old habit), as you never know when processing will improve enough to make shots that you thought were garbage turn into something you may cherish later. Of course, that's probably just an excuse for not deleting bad shots. ;-)
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I generally keep about half to a third, but I only show about 10% of them to others.

The ones I throw away are mostly the ones that were poorly exposed, poorly focused, or poorly composed. I shoot a lot of sports/action/wildlife in continuous drive mode, so I can afford to lose some. I keep the rest so I can review them when I prepare for the next time I'll shoot the same type of subject, see the mistakes I made last time, and try to avoid them. (That sounds good, doesn't it. Someday it might even work.)
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I shoot for a newspaper and I tend to save roughly 60% of what I shoot but only turn in about 10% of what I save.

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I have a 100% keeping rate.
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My aim is that they are all keepers, in reality I do a lot of club photography so I am very critical for that work so I will bin maybe 60 -70% other wise i will have a shed load of disk storage.
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I keep nearly 100%.
With some rare deletes.Mostly motion blurres and messed up exposures under trying shooting conditions.
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