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Default Best photo imaging software (?)

What are some of the best photo imaging software programs out there for facial pictures? Ones that accurately depict skintones?

I have a Sony 2.1mp DSC-P50 and I use Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition v4.0.

I have noticed skintones are overly saturated in PhotoDeluxe. I have to trim-back the saturation values 15-25% just to get it looking natural.

I have also noticed, once I have a final product thru Adobe PhotoDeluxe, if I view it in Imaging For Windows by Kodak (which came bundled with my Win2000 Pro O/S), skintones seem overly 'pink'
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no discussion... PHOTOSHOP 7
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2 Different answers...

re: Best Photo Imaging Software I'd have to agree with Jedi; PhotoShops is da bomb, however there are lots of alternatives...Check out this faq link..*****oll down a bit to the Imaging Software section. Personaly I use both PhotoShop and PaintShopPro.


re: Accurate Skintones and Imaging Software. This is a difficult subject...most of the time I've found its not software but 1) Quality of your monitor and 2) color calibration. But yes...there are difference in sofware too...I've been luck with the skintones and true colors with in Photoshop and PaintShopPro (thats why i use'em). But do youself a favor and goto www.dpreviews.com's forum and do a search on calibration...

Good Luck...
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Photoshop is certainly the most powerful but difficult to use and very expensive.

The one most people use (I think) and certainly better value and easier to use is Paint Shop Pro 7. You can get valuation copies on magazine cover discs.

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Default Photoshop - hell yeah!!

Yes, different softwares might manage color differently, and as tmoy pointed out, a good calibrated monitor makes a difference. I use a dual monitor setup, and because my main monitor is a better quality than the secondary (and also because I can't calibrate both individually), colors on my secondary monitor appear overly warm and darker than what I see in the primary one.
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I won't dispute the superiority of Photoshop but give Paintshop Pro a try. I'd bet that it has all the features a majority of users need at a fraction of the price. There is a free 30 day try and buy at the Jasc website but you'll need a high speed connetion as it's at least 30mb.
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Ok, everyone always says Photoshop. But how about saying why?

I use Corel 10 Paint/Draw. Give me some reasons. Not that I'm arguing--I haven't used PS. I'd like to hear rationales rather than conventional wisdom, though.

Also, I find some photo software is very complex. It's a pleasure sometimes to use something that is idiot proof to do simple things like Ixla Photo Easy--it lets you add cool effects without being a skilled editor, for instance.
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I've been using Photoshop since version 2.5, and seen countless improvements over the years. I know a lot of the features in Photoshop are also available in other graphics packages, but Photoshop is what I'm familiar with and that's why I use it.
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Monsieur MS, welcome back

There's no debate that Photoshop is the best, especially 7 with it's unique new blemishing tool to clone out skin tone; However this is akin to asking which cameras produce the best pictures... A new user will be totally ineffective with Photoshop (just like a beginner with a D60), but in the hand of a trained expert, Photoshop can produce outstanding results.

One of the most powerful feature of Photoshop is the layering tool, where you can copy, edit, filter, blur... etc each layer, and combine them back with different opacity to create the desired output which is yet to be matched by any other editors. Also there are vast amount of plug-ins that are available all over the Adobe user's forums or available for purchase from professionals... There's also magazine that give you monthly tip on how to edit beyond 'redeye' removal or stiching photos together...

I also use Microsoft's Picture It however for quick and dirty results... There's nothing wrong of owning both (it's like having both a point & shoot and an SLR). One is for serious work and one is a fool proof and quick way to get to a beautiful result (of course there's also a cost attached as well)
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Default Photoshop

Photoshop hands down.


Quality. The quality of the images it renders beats the hell out of the other two top editors (Paint Shop Pro & Ulead PhotoImapct).

It's packed with features and is a mighty powerhouse.

It however is costly. And uless you will be doing imaging for professional purposes the cheaper Phtoshop Elelmets might serve you just fine.

Photoshop is the industry standard because it's the best.

I also own Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact and I rate them this way:
1. Photoshop
2. PhotoImpact
3. Paint Shop Pro

I've never touched Photoshop Elements but I hear it has a lot of Photoshop's features.

Sooooo..if you have the cash go for Photoshop, if not I'd suggest looking into Photoshop Elements.

Personally I'd advice you to stay away from Microsoft. They know Office...Adobe knows imaging.
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