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aladyforty Feb 2, 2004 10:39 PM

about photo of the day (the canoe photo)
Is it my imagination or is the canoe out of focus??????????????

eric s Feb 3, 2004 7:47 AM

I believe you are correct.


bcoultry Feb 3, 2004 9:09 AM

I stared at that picture for long minutes trying to figure out what the camera was actually focused on. Though I gave up without an answer, I could easily see what had caused the problem, and it was all those branches. The camera was determined to focus on something vertical. Here's a good reason to have a camera that allows manual focusing. I've learned that doing it manually can end up being a lot faster in cases like this than half-depressing the shutter release button over and over in an effort to get the right focus.

aladyforty Feb 3, 2004 5:57 PM

I gather photo of the day is random selection as i could pick this error pretty much at a glance.

eric s Feb 3, 2004 10:48 PM

I believe the photo of the day isn't picked because it's an amazing photo technically. I think other factors like creativeness play a part. You could always ask Steve what the general criteria is for the picture.


aladyforty Feb 4, 2004 12:57 AM


voxmagna Feb 4, 2004 4:28 AM

This is a lesson I also learned the hard way. Just because the green focus led comes on during a shutter half press, doesn't mean focus lock is where you want it. I thought with an optical viewfinder, battery saving could be plain sailing. Now I know you need the lcd, just to get a distance reading or see where focus has locked. VOX

aladyforty Feb 4, 2004 5:24 AM

I only ever look through the viewfinder when using the mode where you take one photo after the other fast. With the G3 you cant do it through the LCD screen. Apart from that I use the screen almost always as to me it is like using an SLR, what you see is what you get so to speak. Also you get to see if the focus is where you want it. :D

bcoultry Feb 4, 2004 7:26 AM


Now I know you need the lcd, just to get a distance reading or see where focus has locked.
Here is an example of how very different digital cameras can be, one from another. I can clearly see where the focus lies when looking through the lens of my camera, but there's no way of doing the same on my LCD.

aladyforty Feb 4, 2004 8:58 AM

What I love about the G3 is that you can depress the button right down and sometimes even though it has not focused the camera delays on it's own accord until the focus is right then takes the picture (in auto or partial auto), Some of my best photos have been by accident :D

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