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I have been a member here at Steve's for over six years. In that time, I have posted many pictures, and replied to many posts as well. Seems that all is changing. Lots of views, no comments. Isn't that why we post pics? If no one ever comments on your stuff, you will stop. I am stopping. Maybe I'll return one day to see if things have changed, but somehow I doubt it. Anyway, it's been fun.
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A forum is only as good as it's members. So, if you want more comments, do something about it. IOW, invite others and help to stir up more interest. ;-)

I glanced through some of your recent posts, and see where one thread you started didn't result in any comments. That happens.

Unlike some of the "mega" sites around, the community of members at Steve's is relatively small. So, sometimes threads are not commented on for days, especially during the week when many members are working. What's the answer? I don't know. My suggestion would be to try and stir up more interest and invite friends and family to participate and help grow the community here.

If my comments help, some of the photos you posted of Bella in the thread you edited them out of are terrific. I'd be proud of them for sure.
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Unfortunately your feelings are shared by this member as well. I dont spend the time here like I used to. There are a good number of members I miss because they have left for one reason or another. Alan from England and the fellow from Turkey quickly come to mind. Ah, times change and we move on. Take care hawgwild, it was a hoot.
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I have to agree with Robert. Hate to loose a great member. Although I am not as active as I would like to be, I try to stay active in the wildlife section. There is some great work there and other forum areas on this site. It is a bit disheartening to see lots of views and get very few if any comments. I know a lot of non-members look and are unable to comment, but I know a lot of members are also looking. If you have time to look you should have time to at least make a brief comment on some of the pictures. Just my thoughts. Take them for what they are worth.
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Bynx, I guess great minds think alike at the same time
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i hope you reconsider soon shame to loose people.
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What I've seen on the rise is people posting their photos in the forums for their cameras, while posting less in the subject oriented forums. I think that's an unfortunate development. If you post your wildlife shots in the Canon dSLR forum instead of the Wildlife forum you're automatically limiting the number of members that would be inclined to comment on them.

But that's just me.
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What is discouraging is to post a reply to a thread then never get an acknowledgement from the OP.
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I've noticed the drop-off in comments and chit-chat about pictures. I've been thinking its also summer and a lot of people are busy on vacations. There's always been a certain ebb and flow to this forum, and people do lose interest in photography etc. and move on. Just like new people show up full of enthusiasm about their new camera and their new hobby. Do we, as old-timers, help them feel welcome and not intimidated?

As far as the point Bob brings up - I've always thought that a one-post group "thanks" appropriate and then further discussion on the points brought up, perhaps by several different people. I'll follow a thread of someone else's photo for more than just looking at it, I like to see what others have to say and often some of the best discussion is later. But I find it tedious to scroll through someone saying "thanks" to each and every one who's responded in a separate post, so I don't do it that way, preferring to thank several in one post.
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Very good point. A lot of threads end up with just repeated "Nice shot."-"Thanks for looking.". And that's OK, but unless I have something to actually say, I just look and move on. I would like to be able to have something relevant to say about all the photos posted, but don't have the time. Doesn't mean I don't like them.
I'm a lot more comfortable with the technical discussions than with aesthetics.

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