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Default Can I Save This Memory Chip!?!?

I recently forcible removed a memory chip that has been stuck in an old family camcorder for several years. The camcorder used batteries, and due to the extended lapse of time have started to leak out some type of blue substance.I have tried putting the memory chip in my printer and it says there is an error. Is there any way I can access the contents of the chip despite its condition? Please help!!!!!! I would like to know any method that is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you in advance!!!!!!
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Try using a pencil eraser to clean the contacts.
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Welcome to the forum.

Clean the card with a slightly damp cloth. You don't want to transfer battery 'goo'
into your card reader. You should clean the electrical contacts as TCav suggests.

Try reading it using a PC and card reader. If the PC fails to read the card, you
may have a damaged card. It is also possible that card is not damaged, but it
is formatted using a system that your computer OS doesn't support. What make
and model is the old camcorder?
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Your printer is not likely to be able to do anything with video files. Try it in a PC or stand-alone card reader, after following the above advice for cleaning.

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