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Default Fujifilm S2950 problem

I recently purchased a Fujifilm S2950 camera. The pictures were all I expected, but the video inserts a constant hissss into the audio track. If you use the zoom during video, it also adds a grinding noise to the audio track. The store was not only no help but rather rude to me as well.

I have a very cheap Fujifilm camera (Finepix L50) that has neither of these problems nor does an inexpensive Casio I have. I also have a Protax HD 7000 that has no problems like that in fact, the opposite. The audio is too low.

I contacted Fujifilm directly and sent them a sample video. They said it was normal and the camera was designed that way. Here's a portion of the last email they sent me regarding this:

On 9/14/12 5:13 PM, Edison DigitalInfo wrote:
> Thank you for contacting FUJIFILM North America Corporation. Please allow us to assist you.
> It is not a defect with the S2950. It is how the camera was designed and is a characteristic of the camera. As per our warranty card which was included with the camera (also attached), we can repair or replace the camera if it is proven to be defective. You are more then welcomed to send the camera into us for an evaluation. However, if it tests to be within factory specifications, we would send the unit back to you. Below is a link to our repair form which will have the address and instructions on how to send your camera in.

What they are saying is they deliberately released a camera with one of its major functions designed to be unusable.

I chose Fujifilm because of my previous good experiences with their products and that they were recently rated very well for customer service. Apparently, they purchased that rating.

I am considering a class-action suit against them. For certain, I will never purchase another Fujifilm product and will dissuade as many others from doing so as possible.
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G'day James

Firstly - welcome to Steves Forum, we'll put our collective heads-together to see if a solution can be found

Also - I would not jump into any legal issues here - "they" have more $$ than you and it will drive you mad chasing around over a $300+/- camera where video is an add-on, not the major feature

Your comment " ... the video inserts a constant hissss into the audio track. ". This is extremely common ... it's the over-amplification of the signal to noise ratio within the audio system to compensate for the microphone.

You then say "If you use the zoom during video, it also adds a grinding noise to the audio track." > this is the zoom / focus motor doing its job
In lower-priced cameras soundproofing is less efficient than in high priced cameras - just a fact of life

If you intend any 'serious' video work, my suggestion would be a proper video camera or a dSLR with excellent video features in its list of features

Hope this helps a bit > sorry if it's not all you want to hear
Regards, Phil
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It sounds as if the Fuji is using AGC (automatic gain control) for the microphone, in order to have a nearly constant sound level. This is very common. If the camera menu allows, you may be able to turn off the AGC, but this will normally result in very weak audio. The only real solution is to use a good off-camera microphone if possible.
If audio is that important to you, you really need to do the research and find a cam that has an external mic jack.

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