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It's interesting to note that all the replies are from members who have made many posts. As a newby here I have been disapointed on the lack of replies but then suddenly a month later someone has posted a comment. If I post a photo and you think its rubbish, tell me but also tell me why, otherwise I'm never going to improve.
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Originally Posted by schmintan View Post
By Clanish, i mean are there little clans of folks who regularly frequent the boards and comment on eachothers photos, but if your not in this clan/group your lucky to get any comments.

I dont visit the forum daily but i am here every week or two I try to comment on anything that catches my eye.

But often i post images (mainly in the "People Photos" forum actually), only to get no comments at all.

Im not trying to be narcissistic here, i dont think any of my images are amazing, and i dont want tons of comments saying how awesome my images are, but conversely I dont think they are terrible either and some feedback is the reason i do post.

Its something thats putting me off these forums and wondered if you have any feelings on this?

Note - some forums such as the pets forum are awesome for giving comments both complementary and constructive critique.
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Thanks for all the responses folks!

As suggested, I have had most success with the Critique forum. I have had issues in the past also when i posted critique on pics in other forums, where the poster just wanted to post an image and didnt want any constructive feedback whatsoever.

I am always open to constructive feedback, no matter how negative, as it forces me to look at my images from someone elses view point and perhaps see something i didnt notice before. That said, if someon just posts and says "thats an awful image" with no elaboration, I am not interested in those kind of posts.

I dont post in individual brand forums ( canon, nikon etc) , as someone already mentioned, Its not about a brand, its about an image. The camera shouldnt matter.

Im going to post in the Critique forum more and not spend so much of my time in the others. some lovely photos there to be sure, but im here to learn, and offer constructive feedback, not idle praise.

Thanks for the posts folks! this forum is now considered a good chatty forum!
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Can't say iv'e found the forum to be clickish, but since I use Panasonic cameras I seldom go to the other sections. I have tried a lot of photography sites and find that if they are not split into camera brand users, then your pic's will get very few comments. I also agree that if you think a photo is soft or over exposed etc, then you should say so, it's no help to a novice if he is not corrected, but please do it gently. (I'm easily offended) LOL
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Yes, every site with regular visitors is cliqueish. For those of you who do want honest feedback about your photos I encourage you to venture out of the brand forums into either the critique forum or the genre-specific forums (wildlife, sports, etc...). And make sure in your post you ask for critique. You'll learn a lot more about how to get better from people that shoot what you want to shoot regardless of the camera used. Critique in the gear forums here is not always constructive. The "great photo" posts are good for your ego, but not so good for helping you become better.
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Originally Posted by Grounded View Post
Can't say iv'e found the forum to be clickish
ISTM that any photography site is going to be clickish...
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