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I'm not worried about when I pass away, I can't imagine any of my family being all that interested in my pictures.

On the other hand, I HAVE made use of some of my older pictures, for various projects. And I have had some of my original CDs and one or two DVDs fail, so I lost all of the files (before I started to make sure I had two copies of everything). I also had a hard drive in a computer fail (didn't have any pictures on it though, not much of anything beyond programs). There isn't really any fail-safe storage method (as most above have pointed out). All I can say is that when I'm evacuated (and I have been), the first box I grab has my picture back-ups and old photo albums in it, along with my computer.
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Well, I have colour prints from the early 70's, you can hardly identify what they depict. And here we have rune stones a 1000 years old, that are still readable. So maybe we should all toss our cameras and start engraving stones instead?

I agree with Harriet. As long as you live, take well care of your pictures and make sure to back them up every now and then. Enjoy, look back and see how you have made progress. And bring back those sweet memories from days passed once in a while. But don't give your heirs a drawer full of harddrives and thousands of digital photos to go through and arrange in some sort of order. They won't!

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