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Default Discovery I'm looking not official contacts people who design

I started my home test in October

discovery Led + Camera = Compass

during my job I already explain new algoritms

how to build perfect ViewFinder and Brightness Sensor

Luminous Intensity west -east is always different below one of the main reason : Earth's speed 30km/s = 30 000 000 mm/s

Please support me your contacts I want to speak with optics designers
Nikon or Canon or Panasonic or Tamron or Sony or ..............

first tool was very simple ( very important is dark filtre)

I would like to ASAP start new test Light signal not move with Earth
Michelson Morley proved that Light Speed is C not C+ Vearth !!!

so signal that was ! was ! sent in past not move around SUN but go strait only we and camera move with Earth in the Universe.

You sent signal but before light touch sensor Earth/or Airplane / or Rocket change own position ( sensor not see the same Luminous intensity or geometry )

above have many new applications not only to eliminate mistake but how to use mistake

method 1

what is the meaning geometry of picture ?:

  • -we see one point = boat go strait
  • -we see 2 points boat not go starit between lampion no1 and no2
  • - we see 3 points ( boat go left / right ) We can evaluate angle
  • We can use lampions main dimension on picture to evaluate distance
method 2

what is the meaning brightness of picture ? :

  • - we see one big point geometry not help but different brightness in three areas in big point can help.
  • - we see three points ( we can use Luminous Intensity graph to evaluate distance - above drawing explain graph/distance )
  • - VERY IMPORTANT PHOTOCAMERA HAS got MASTER TIME ( time of picture we know )
We have time / distance we can evaluate velocity !

Dear moderators I not represent any company
Idiots similar to me
work alone corporations hate me :
( I worked in Toshiba after my boss saw my page : I get better position now I'm bodyquard in my friend shop )
Thank You for Support

>>>> ( my discovery compass )


>>> ( my few simple Ideas how to help people by light or good design that can change this dirty full
of money world )


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Does this mean we have to adjust our exposures depending on which direction the camera is pointing? I hope not, I have enough to think about already.
Regarding the Interspedometer (good name, by the way) - How does one know where the zero velocity point should be? Is not everything in the universe moving in relation to something? I think that what Einstein demonstrated was that all velocity is relative to the observer, in which case, the interspedometer would always be at zero velocity relative to the observer who is reading it, and would not show any displacement.

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