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Default Fast lenses' value

Looking for some guidance --
Are fast lenses of the same value in digital photography as in film photography? Yes, of course I know that the faster the lens the faster the shutter speed leading to less movement and smaller depth of field...

So, my 35MM SLR f1.4 does give me more flexibility than a 2.0 or 2.8. Yes, just about the only real fast lens for <$1000 seems to be the Olympus C4040 (f1.8) with MOST going in the f2.8 range and an occasional digicam at 2.0. So, I am looking to be sure that at least I have a good range (eg. 2.8 - 10 or 2.0 - 8). Am I missing something, or does this in fact matter?
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Yes it matters. It is harder to make a clear comparison with digital than it is with film since each digicam has its own noise charatoristics. With film, you can compare cameras and lenses using the same film for each.

Digicam "a" might have a maximum opening of f/2.8, but enough lower noise levels that it can be shot at ISO 200 and produce an equivalent photo to camera "b" shooting at f/2.0 with ISO of 100. So to make the comparison with digicams, you have to consider how well they work at higher ISO ratings.
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