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Default Photography laws, privacy etc

Right, i've been asked by a local attraction to go and take some pictures for them of their venue etc.

Now she did make it clear, as i was well aware anyway of some privacy stuff such as to ask people and explain you are taking photo's for the venue and if they mind me taking photo's of them or including their children etc in the pictures...

But i just wondered is there any specific things i need to know, i'm in the UK so i'm aware laws might differ from country to country but i've not done shoots for anyone other than myself before so need to know of anything i could possibly get in trouble for unawares, bearing in mind this is a venue you have to pay to enter, its not like i'll be wandering round town or the streets randomly taking pics of people enjoying the sights or shopping!
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As you have the consent of the owners there is nothing to worry about when taking photographs 'on site'-you have permission. In respect of people,particularly children the section in this link dealing with that point should be helpful.

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While I am not at all familiar with the laws in the UK, I think I would advise getting a document from the owners, or their agent, specifying what they are asking for. It would also be a good idea to spell out the ownership of the photos in regards to copyrights, in order to prevent misunderstandings.

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Thanks for the link, its very helpful
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