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The only issue I have with anything said so far, is that color gamut is not related to the number of bits, or vice versa. Color gamut is the range of color from the lightest to darkest, usually broken down by the primary colors. Bit depth is a measure of the fineness of the gradations within the color gamut.
Where this matters, as Wizzard mentions, is when trying to recover details in very dark or light areas. Changing the luminance curve in these areas creates larger steps between colors, and more evident gradations. Having finer steps to begin with can make all the difference.

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How that I have a better understanding of 8 vs 16 bit processing. Think I'll do a little fooling around with some over and under exposed pictures (knew saving those trash picture would come in handy some day) to see what if any difference there is making large value changes to 8 bit jpeg, 16 Tiff and PSD.
Comments always welcome.
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When you do post on 8 bit images you very quickly run into banding issues. Especially if you go to black and white or monochrome. The problem is briefly described here http://fringefocus.com/2010/tutorial...in-your-images but without talking about going to 16 bit as a solution. This is the general topic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colour_banding
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If your monitor can only display 8 bit color, you may see banding on your monitor, even though when you print it, there will be no banding. That's why, if your monitor isn't up to it, you could inadvertently screw up your color as you attempt to fix something that isn't broken.
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