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Default Questions about rebel Ti4...washed out color and focusing

Recently bought a Canon Ti4...
I find that the photos' colors are washed out and pale.
I compare the photos to my G10 photos and there is no comparison...even when the G10 color settings are off.
Is this a common complaint?
I bought it at BestBuy and have a very generous service plan....

I use it most frequently for close-up work (using a canon 250d close-up lens) but the washed out color doesn't seem to be affected by that.

Also....I'm new to SLR's...I have questions about the focusing. There doesn't seem to be an option of focusing being determined by the center of the frame.....
Wish I could explain better...Photographing a small insect in a field of leaves ...any way to auto-focus on that one spot in the center on the insect ?
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hi and welcome easy one first you can choose the focus point on a DSLR it should be on the rear top right and you can choose all or just one. washed out colour can you post a picture with the exif data which will help
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You can select any of the T4i's 9 AF points (all cross type) by using the control on the top right rear of the camera- the same button as the "zoom in" on playback.
Press this and the AF points will light up- and using the control wheel or rear multi controller will allow you to select any or all of the AF points.
Of course if you're in "auto" the camera will override this feature- and if you select manual focus on the lens,then you've bypassed all control of the AF system.

With regards the "washed out/pale" images you're experiencing- be aware that DSLR's primarily are designed for individuals who like manual control of their exposures and/or will be editing their images- and as such,quite often their images are,shall we say,conservative with regards metering and colour saturation.
"Point and shoots"- even high end ones- more often than not meter for "out of camera" results, offering the individual a minimum of fuss and "straight to the printer" images- but make no mistake, with the right user, a DSLR's image quality will easily surpass that of ANY of its smaller sensor cousins- it just takes a little more work.
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The first thing I'd try is doing a reset of the T4i, to clear out any erroneous or corrupt settings in the camera. See the Canon EOS REBEL T4i/EOS 650D Instruction Manual.
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