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Default The future of DSLRs

Two related articles with an interesting take on the future of the industry:
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Thanks John ... and here I was 'just' thinking that the horse & buggy technology of the mirror box would disappear into the world of EVF, and that all memory cards would be SD or micro-SD > and other stuff would stay much the same

Geez - we're in for a hell of a ride

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We shall see, I guess.
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Hmm.... Nikon DF... why not an APS-C version also...
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High end DSLRs are probably going to be around for quite a while. My guess is the entry level and mid-range bodies are going to take the brunt of the down market.
Camera and sensor technology is maturing. Those of us who aren't taking photos professionally don't need the ultimate IQ the high end cameras provide. For myself, I enjoy not having to work around the limitations of SLR shutters and optical viewfinders.

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I suspect there will be a place for entry level DSLR's for some time yet... even if just as a "stepping stone" for a Pro wannabe...
I had a little "tinker" with a G3 the other day... and if that's the way things are going, god help us all...!!!
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well we have been seeing the end of the SLR for more years than i can think. i still think it will be around for a lot longer yet
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Default Happy snappers

Surely casual photographers will make use of their smart phones more and more. I think the "point and shoot" market will be decimated.

My guess is there will still be a serious amateur and a pro market.

Probably see more "mirrorless" cameras as the dominant theme.

I think APS-C DSLR's have run the gamut. There's only so many megapixels you can pack on that size of sensor without really improving quality.

My guess the future is full frame mirrorless. Then beyond that, "medium format" (larger than full frame) might also be a micro market if the price is right.
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My take on what the immediate future will bring is 3D.

I'm 64 and still have to pinch myself, at times, with the choices I have.

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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I got two takes on this . . .

1 . . . I don't want the dSLRs to disappear. What we're getting right now vs. cost is amazing. I just don't want that to stop. But then again . . . if Nikon or Canon can give me a mirrorless with the same performance (fast autofocus speed, great tracking, fast frame rate, big buffers, great IQ, high-speed-sync flash, less moving parts to wear out / go out of alignment), costs the same or less . . then I'd probably be in.

and . . .

2 . . . as regards to things flattening out . . . I kinda got that sense from the Nikon D5100 I picked up a couple of years ago. The ease at which I can get casual available light shots for family get togethers is amazing. I could live with this camera for a while . . . I don't have the urge to upgrade to get better performance . . . The dSLR camera that you can pick up now, can have a long shelf live. That's got to be scary for the manufacturers . . . but great for consumers. The trick really has to be . . . either . . . what else can the manufacturer sell the user? Educate the user base on lens upgrades and sell more lenses? Flashes? Lessons? Or are the lessons the marketing to get people hooked on the dSLR? Maybe have modules that plug into your camera to give different functionality . . . so the base unit has a lower cost . . . but then you can add internal modules to give, for instance, a bigger buffer, wireless flash control, a wireless link to a light meter, etc. So . . . consumers buy a camera that can last 5-10 years . . . but every year they treat themselves to a plug-in feature upgrade (Just like Skylanders . . . ). These "upgrades" could live in plug-in slots on the vertical handgrip, which itself is an upgrade . . . Or . . . how do you keep growing the user base? Make a camera that is a mirrorless first . . . but can slowly pull people into the dSLR system seamlessly if they should want more power. (Canon EOS M / Nikon D1000?)

Of course . . . I'm actually right in the purchase decision making process of buying another dSLR. Probably will be a FF. More so for the pictures I'm taking for other people. If it were just shots for me . . . I'd probably really just stick with the D5100.

Just some thoughts . . . just trying to keep the dSLR train moving so I can keep having lots of dSLR choices. <grin>

Take care & Happy Shooting!

NOTE: I'm trying to capture the picture in my head! Not the one my camera sees!

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