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Well, I went ahead and bought the Fuji A-1 with two lenses from the eBay vendor in Japan. The transaction was very smooth; excellent communication, and the camera and lenses arrived in a factory sealed box, brand news as described. No problems whatsoever. I will have it insured here for any needed repairs. Thanks for all the replies.
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Good luck with it.
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I bought a few genuine official accessories from Japanese dealers on eBay. Not to save money, but Sony Australia does not have the said item (no stock), so were Australian retailers.

Apart from waiting, I did not have any problems.
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Some years back, I purchased a Konica Revio KD-510z (a small point and shoot model that I used for a long time) from an Ebay vendor, as that camera was first released in Japan and was not yet available in the U.S. (where I live).

I was so impressed with the photos from it I found online, that I decided on going with a "grey market" model when it was first released, rather than waiting on it to hit the U.S. Market later (as the Konica Minolta G500).

Here's a pbase album of some of the photos I took with it (most of them are from 2003), right after I bought it.

Konica Revio KD-510Z Album

Other than a problem with red eye (or "demon eye" as some refer to it), the photos from this little camera really impressed me (including proper flash strength, auto white balance under virtually any condition, etc.). I don't think I've ever owned a camera before or since then that managed to work better in some those areas (especially it's auto white balance, with no custom settings for WB needed).

Since I could carry it with me everywhere in a pocket, it was one of my favorite cameras ever at the time when compared to earlier models I bought like the Nikon Coolpix 950 (and I still have a 950 that works) and Nikon 990; Olympus C-2500L; Sony DSC-F505; and Epson PhotoPC 3000z.

So, in my case, I was glad I bought it when I did, as it had really super image quality for a pocketable camera model that I carried with me everywhere for a long time.

But, as a general rule of thumb, I would not suggest buying a grey (or gray if you prefer) camera model, as then you'd probably have warranty/service issues if anything happened to it.

In my case, I was willing to take that risk since I was so impressed with it's photos at the time (over 11 years ago now).

With a more expensive camera, I'd make sure to buy a model from an authorized dealer in the country I live in.
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