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Originally Posted by SIMON40 View Post
Conor- I use lightroom 5 for my RAW editing- and all Raw's I use D300/D3100/Panasonic FZ-150 open up in exactly the same way...
I have to convert My Samsung NX3000 RAW with an Adobe RAW to DNG converter first before lightroom recognizes it, though it probably would do it "straight off" if I updated the software..!
With regards the two images- I deliberately only adjusted the highlights just to demonstrate the extra data in that department- there's plenty more to be had in the rest of the RAW image also... HDR would rarely be needed- unless you like the HDR "effect" that many seem to like- whereas I just prefer the natural look with the wider dynamic range... and in most cases a single RAW file covers it...
Thanks for the info, I've never had the opportunity to compare the tools for RAW files between different camera manufacturers!

And I agree with your point about HDR, there are times that it's useful, and times that it's overkill. I personally like the HDR look when used in moderation, hence the suggestion.
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I shoot RAW (NEF) 95% of the time. For event photos that people pay me for with elevated expectations, always in RAW, as well as personal, will shoot in RAW. About the only time shoot in jpg is where there is not elevated expectation - payment or not. An example would be bank's first entry into a new foreclosure want 'documentation of condition' photos and lock change. These are low quality quick rips downsized to 1000 pixels to email.
The only time I use RAW + jpg is travel and one to each SD card. The jpg is trash and used for quick uploads to Facebook or other media, and discarded when back home as I process the RAW. Ran into a problem with Sony and their one SD card as both were on the same card. The iPad imported BOTH! Worse, there was no file name on the photo so didn't know which was the smaller to post (upload bogs down with larger) or larger to delete. Had to hook the iPad up to a computer and view the contents of the iPad as a drive, deleting the larger files and freeing up memory on the iPad.
Finally, since RAW files are large, those I will work with are 5 stars, 4 stars for sequences for HDR/Fusion, etc One star is trash. After finish with the project sort the one stars and delete from both Lightroom and computer.
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I shoot RAW and JPG but rarely ever use the RAW files, I find the in camera JPG is nearly always what I want to begin with.
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