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skuba Mar 10, 2004 6:39 PM

Sony P8, P10 or even V1. Please reply.
Mpixel capacity is not that important for me. 99% of the times I use
image for the web, and in case I print it will be a regular photo size.

Size is kind of important as many times I want to bring camera in my pocket. Sometimes I wouldn't bring my old one because of size.

Many of the pics I take are of objects in motion. Not hi-speed like car race. But action like mountain bike or snowboarding. For those kins of pics I think it's important to have a fast camera, that won't lag too much to shoot. Right?

And many times, I feel that turning off auto focus, or anything that is auto, will make camera faster. Right?

At first I was looking at the Canon S400, but then I found out there is no manual focus, so this would make it lag to shoot.

Now I am looking at the Sony P8, P92, P10 or even V1. I would get the cheaper and smaller, P8. But I guess the small CCD sensor does make a big difference. Is the noise that noticeble?

I can't spend more than $500. What are your ideas about all I wrote?? I know the V1 is probably the best. But I would like something smaller.

Thanks a lot for helping.

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