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Default Video Capture card to use with Digital Camera

Hi, I have an Olympus E-10 and I was wondering how do i connect it to a PC in order to show the client his picture before printing. Which video card is the best one. I think that I can connect the camera by USB connectivity. Thanks for your help:P
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You're asking two different quesions. If you use a video capture cart to get the video out put from the camera you'll get the worst possible resolution, 640x480. If that's acceptable just plug it into a television set with a composite video input. You'll get a full screen view that's adequate for some folks.

Viewing the images directly from the camera via USB might be clumsy. The E-10 is a USB storage class device so plugging it into a PC should make it appear like just another disk drive. Use whatever image browser your prefer and browse the storage media in the camera. You can use a web browser if it's set to scale oversize images to fit in the display window and if the images are JPGs.
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Default Thanks

Many thanks for your reply. In fact I don't care for resolution as I'm intend to show the picture to the client only and it will look fine with this resolution on the monitor and the original file would be used for printing. I will try connecting the camera directly to the pc via USB and see how it will look like.
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