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Default Newbie Help with DPI

Hello...please help. I own a Fuji 6900Z.
Every picture no matter the quality
comes out in the info as 72dpi??
Is this normal..When I print the image
can I change this in most picture programs??Help..I'm lost!
Thanks, JOhn
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Hi John,
The actual image itself is simply a matrix of so many pixels wide by so many pixels tall. DPI or PPI refers to the "density" or how close together these pixels are. When viewed on many monitors, 72 pixels per inch was once a sort of "standard" for images. The actual pixel density depends on your individual video card and ranges from less than 72 ppi to about 96 ppi.

When you get ready to print your image, you printer has a "requirement" in terms of pixel density (how many pixels per inch) and that requirement can be met at only one single print size without either adding pixels or removing pixels from the image. If you were to override the defaults and print at a density of 72 pixels per inch, the prints from your 6900 would be very large (probably larger than any current inkjet type printer could handle) and very grainy. So what happens with most software is that the print density is automatically adjusted for the size of print you ask for.

Let's take a couple examples. Let's say you wanted to print an 8x10 image at 300 dpi from a 3 megapixel capture (no internal firmware interpolation or extrapolation). The requirements would then be 300 times 8 (height) by 300 times 10 or 2400 by 3000 pixels. Since your native image has 1536x2048 pixels, so to get to the 8x10 the software would interpolate (create pixels from comparisons of adjacent existing pixels) to get you to the desired print size and pixel density. Conversely, if you wanted to print really small, like a 3x5 you would need 900x1500 pixels so the software would actually remove pixels to get to the proper print density.

The easiest way to avoid worrying about whether or not you have the correct pixel density for a given sized print is to use software which does all the "thinking" for you. I would suggest QimagePro. Inexpensive, incredibly powerful and will give you the absolutely best prints you can expect from your camera... Here's a link:


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Default DPI

Thanks..That does clear it up quite
a bit!!I just downloaded the demo
of Qimage..seems very nice!
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