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They give incentives to employees for pushing them because they make so much off of them.
Some of the sales guys quickly and kindly back off when you say you aren't interested - others try to give you stories about "well if you lose the remote" or "well if this cracks the manufacturer will charge xx dollars", etc. to the point of annoyance. Whenever this happens I always ask the same question back "so are you telling me its going to break - I don't think I want to buy it then if you think it will break in 2 or 3 years - so perhaps I'll just buy something from somewhere else then" - this usually gets them to shut up and let me buy my product and leave.
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Its a matter of how much you pay for it. SOme times it is worth it. Sme times it is not. For smaller items at the big chains they have replacement policies instead of repair. I bought a open box scanner at best buy for $99 and the 2 year replacement warranty was $2. This would cover bulbs, moving parts and also the automatic photo feeder on top which is prone to jams. I would get the price I paid for it towards the price of a newer unit. Frys offers a $99 computer protection plan on their PCS while at best buy it is $300! I bougt the one at best buy since a power supply can run $20 alone for the item.

I was thinking abut paying for for a microdrive just to get an extended warranty on it at the major chains.

I am also looking into purchasing an extended warraty for the camera. MACK seems pretty popular. Does anyone have any exp with them?

They show it as $49.

Please dont post if you dont have anything to say but generic advice.
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