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Default Help?!?! Canon IXUS 500 v Minolta Dimage Z2 ?!?!?

Decisions decisions ?!?!?!?

Iíve spent a good couple of months searching for the right camera for me. I am about to go digital for the first time but want something that is better than basic and is gonna last me a while. So, after much soul searching, Iíve put it down to either the new Minolta Dimage Z2 or Canon IXUS 500 / Powershot 500.

Now, these are both brand new and have few reviews but based on the Minolta Z1 and IXUS 430 I can get the jist of what there gonna be like. Whilst quite different cameras they both offer so much itís a difficult choice here for me.

With the IXUS 500 I have a tiny compact I can take anywhere, excellent quality images, good build, stylish looks, great reviews for the 400 and 5 mega pixels!!!

I had eventually decided the IXUS over the Z1 for the pixels but low and behold Minolta announce the Dimage Z2 with 4 mega pixels!! And with this one you again get excellent style (no one else seems to think this but I think its proper bo!!), loads of features, great video mode and that massive zoom lens.

Seeing that I do loads of backpacking the IXUS is tiny so I can take it anywhere but there we go again, the Z2 has that cracking zoom lens I canít seem to forget. And hey, itís not that big a camera, is it???

So, if you were in my shoes, and could afford either, what would you do??? I am going mad with this decision so any advice would be most grateful. And to make it more confusing, have I got it all wrong and is there another camera I may have overlooked????

Thanks to anyone who reads this and responds Ė much appreciated and I may be able to make this final decision!!!

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Considering I hike /backpack with a 35mm, digi and camcorder on occasion, I may not be the "queen of mini."

I am considerig upgrading my Oly 3030 and was at Fry's last weekend. The Minolta Z1 is quite compact - smaller than the Panasonic FZ10 that also attracts me (Canon IS sounds good, too, but initial reports are less than enthusiastic). The Panasonic is compact, too, but it has no TIFF or RAW. I don't think the Z2 will have these, either. Personally, I love the feel of the Z1, but haven't seen enough pix to be ready to make a decision.

I would expect the Z2 to be similar to the Z1, and I really like the handling, holding and features of the Z1, in the 4meg Z2 package.

I've also started considering the Canon S45, since size is an issue with me on some :roll: occasions. I would have no hesitation with the Z1/Z2 as regards size. My question is which of the above provides the best IMAGES for most of the time ( what I'd really like is a full featured digi with RAW for when the digi is the only camera with me, and a pocketable one for when it accompanies the 35mm).

My issue with the 3030 is - I want more telephoto than 96mm (35 equivalent) and I want to SEE the picture I'm taking. Due to my frequent use of a polarizer filter, I need to use the LCD to see the effect, and I can't see the LCD in sunlight! I'll be posting some pics from Mt Rainier (www.smugmug.com/mtnlover) later, and it's now obvious that I have a smear on the filter or lens that I couldn't see, nor could I review the pics for proper exposure when taken).

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