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Default repairs

I've been bad. I left my Ricoh RDC 5000 sitting many hours in a hot van. Furthermore, despite it being inside a protective bag, its selector knob got moved into one of the "on" positions, Ithink either "erase" or "view memory." When I next took out the camera, it didn't work. Rechargeable batteries dead, and no longer rechargeable. Unfortunately, replacing them with good batteries didn't help. Is it worth trying to get the camera fixed? If so, can you recommend where? I'm in the D.C./Suburban Maryland area, but obviously can ship it off if it makes more sense to send it eslewhere. Also, while the AC adapter still gives me about 5 VDC, the camera has not been willing to upload via the USB line when plugged in to the adapter, only (till the recent frying) while on battery power.
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I don't know that model, the age, or the specs, but if I were in that position I would check the manual or the Ricoh website and call up to see what the repair rate/shipping/parts, etc., would cost and ask them what the high end would be.

If the camera is old and dated and the total costs are above $150 you would probably be far better off getting a new digicam with more features for less money than to dump more money into fixing an older camera.
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If repaired will a half baked part fail a few months later. think about all features you would like to have in next digicam and let the ricoh rest in peace.
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