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Default Which is right for me-- Canon S500, Nikon 4500, other?

OK, I am looking for a new digicam, and so far the Canon S500 and Nikon Coolpix 4500 have gotten my attention.

Both are around the same price, so price is not an issue.

What I am looking for, primarily, is great macro shooting even in low light. I also want plenty of manual settings to tinker with-- the Kodak DC3400 I have now has almost none.

Most of the use of my camera is going to be in photography for my hardware review site (www.fastlanehw.com), which involves close-ups of hardware often in poorly-lit conditions. However I do plan to use this camera a bit outside of the house, so I want something somewhat versatile.

Both cameras would probably suit me well, but the S500 has wooed me over since it's a full MP larger, has an AF illuminator, a much sleeker design, and I can get one brand new with a warranty, most of the Nikon 4500s I've found, do not include warranties. On the other hand, the 4500 is highly acclaimed by many prosumers (including Steve himself from this site, who uses them for his product photos, IIRC), has many accessories, and does macro focusing at 0.75" as opposed to a bit under 2" on the S500.

I was looking at the CyberShot F717 (I think thats the name) but didn't like the lofty price, use of memory sticks, and the huge size.

Also, is there any particular reason why the S500 is cheaper than the G5, even though both seem very similar?
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