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Default Please help with taking fast action pictures

I just got a Minolta S 414 and I want to know what adjustments I need to make to beable to take pictures of people moving without them turning out all blury. Thanks for your help.
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I don't know anything about that camera, but the concept (taking pictures of fast moving objects) is easy.

You need a high shutter speed. It is that simple. The problem is how do you get it?

To do it you need more light. There are only a few ways to get more light:

1) Use the largest aperture (smallest f-stop) you can.
2) Use a higher ISO. This will produce more noise in the picture, reducing the quality of the picture. The software neatimage can help, but it doesn't work miracles.
3) Add more light. Use a flash, or take the picture in somewhere with more light. Not always an option (flash's don't reach very far, you can't exactly ask the stadium to turn on more lights) but it would work.

Does that help?

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Eric has the main points, but I'll add two more:
4) Try panning. That will still leave hand and foot motion blurry, but will transfer much of the blur to the stationary objects in the frame.
5) Get an EXIF reader so you can better learn the limits of your camera. The EXIF data will tell you the shutter speed, focal length, ISO, f/stop, and other data for each picture so you will get to know when you can get shots you like at (say) 1/30 sec but have more blur than you can stand at any slower speed.
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