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Default Zoom zoom zoom

There is plenty of discussion about the new 8MP NON DSLR cameras. I'm trying to decide between the Canon Pro 1 and the Nikon 8700.

I checked out some of the same photos and feel that the Canon has a small edge in terms of noise. But one of my reasons to upgrade (I have an Oly 4040) was to get a better zoom.

Now the Canon has a 28 - 200 zoom but the Nikon has a 35 - 280 zoom. So my question is should I be swayed by the longer zoom, or is this really going to be too hard to hold physically at max telephoto anyway?

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go to a store where they have both in stock and compare them side by side. If you do any landscape photos or macro then you may find that the wider but less zoom capability of the canon outweighs the more narrow but longer zoom of the Nikon.

Have them print out a couple of test pics for you right there in the store.

Good luck
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People get nice telephoto shots handheld at 280mm in good light. I have a 28-200 Minolta and find the 28mm is more useful than more zoom would be. You can get almost half again as much in a shot.

I also have a FZ10 with a stabilized 12X zoom that goes to 420mm to use for nature shooting. But I think the 28-200 might be more useful for general purpose shooting.

Also look at the Minolta A2. Stabilization isnít only good for long telephoto shots. It opens a whole new world of available light shooting at wider angles. Now that I have used it on the FZ10 I wonít own another large camera without stabilization. http://luminous-landscape.com/review...nolta-a2.shtml
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Thanks for the replies. I think I'll make my way to jessops, maybe with my 512MB CF card and take a few shots with both.

I did consider the A2, and it has some really good features, but its that much bigger. If I was going for this sort of camera I'd probably go the whole way and go DSLR.

Its good to hear that 28 might be more use than 280. Its true that my Oly has difficulty at times like Xmas when we are all crowded into a room and I'm trying to got shots of the children opening presents!

I guess I could always go for the extended telephoto adaptor if I wanted the extra zoom.
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If you have been satisfied with the way your Oly 4040 performs, take a look at the Oly 8080..
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