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Default Pixel size versus pixel number

Okay, this is my first posting. I am sure this has already been discussed, but I am not sure where.

When comparing the sensor size to the effective pixels, does the Nikon D70 give a better image at 6 megapixels than the Nikon 8700 at 8 megapixels?

Are the pixels larger in the D70 versus the 8700? What is the advantage of pixel size versus pixel number?

Thanks for your help.

Mike G
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Default Yes

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A quite look at that link looks good. I just wanted to add a few comments.

A pixes is a thing you display on the screen. It doesn't have a "Size". What does have a side is a photosite. A photosite is the thing on the sensor that actually samples the light. What matters is the depth, side, how close the are packed together, layout patter... and probably other things. The physical size of the sensor matters because if you have a small physical sensor, then you have to pack the photosites closer together, and you don't want to do that.

So often, a larger sensor is a better thing (but not always... there are no absolutes here.)

If you do a search on photosite on this web page, you'll find some more discussion about htem.

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