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Default Canon a80 "red eye reduction" must read

Recently I also bought Canon a 80 camera, based on numerous positive reviews. surfed and read every imaginable digital camera site for 2 weeks before deciding. What can I say : in one word- dissapointment.
Nearly EVERY single evening, night indoor shot - HUGE red eyes. At
first I blamed myself, since not a single "reputable" site haven't
mentioned it... then I starded to investigate the problem. I also read all you desparate post here, at steves. To be short , here is , what I found: the camera is NOT doing red eye reduction by means of flash!!! It uses it's tiny focus -assist lamp for this! in manual p.16 you can see the proof - the same lamp is AF assist AND red eye reduction lamp. If you disable red eye reduction the af-assist lamp only operates for a short time during half press, while when eye reduction is "on" it glows all the time of shot. on p.66 it stased that flash fires twice, but this is bullshit, the flash fires twice ALWAYS , independant whether red eye is "on" or "off". although the flash does fires twice it doesn't help to eliminate red eyes, probably becouse the pre flash is very close to main flash and not enough time for the pupil to contract...

In conclusion: even my chippo film camera- samsung had better red eye reduction, my brother's 2MP KODAK has red eye virtually NONEXISTANT, they both has genuine FLASH red eye reduction feature. this A80 going back to store.
Now looking fo another digicam, compartible with CF cards and AA
rechargible batteries. Know one? Less red eyes? let me know.

Sorry for a long post.
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