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Default Picture orientation

Does anyone know of a utility that will rotate images 90 degrees w/o losing image quality (the rotated image should have the exact file size as the original)? I have a Canon S400 and have always used WinXP's Scanner/Camera wizard to download the images to my PC. The problem is that the wizard doesn't maintain the correct orientation of the image (i.e. it doesn't detect images that were taken in portrait mode). There are lots of utilities & apps out there that allow you to rotate images, but all I've found simply open the image, rotate it in memory and then recompress to jpg . Due to the recompressing of the image, you generally end up with some quality loss. Additionally, the resulting file also takes up a differnt amount of space on the pc depending on the compression level used (sometimes more, sometimes less. Usually less).

Last night I actually installed the software that came up with my S400 (I've always been very unimpressed with bundled software for cameras in the past so I didn't bother installing it this time). It turns out that one of their apps (ZoomBrowserEx) does what I want but unfortunately it does it for me automatically w/o asking. I don't believe you can turn this automatic feature off. Simply browsing to a folder on your hard disk with ZoomBrowserEx will cause it to change the orientation of all the images in that folder - you don't have to open or select a file. I'm not sure I trust an app that will alter data on my machine w/o asking me or telling me what it's done, especially because in some cases it got the rotation wrong (I believe it got confused and rotated them multiple times...).

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Check out the Thumber utility, lossless JPEG rotation is one of its features.


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I'd strongly suggest that you save your original photos (your digital negatives) before you rotate them. Several EXIF viewers will rotate your images for display based on the orination sensor data. If the image is rotated, and the EXIF data is not changed, it will not display correctly. You might not want to trust the auto rotation in some situations such as holding your camera up-side-down (shooting a parade by holding your camera overhead).

You don't want to mess with the originals in any way before backing them up to read-only CD/DVD/...
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